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Nigeria Youths Entrepreneurship For Deve
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O Programa


Making dreams come true by taking an idea on paper,  turning it into a profitable business, is the ambition of many  people. Our goal is to make this possible through  entrepreneurship.

The project is an achievement  of Besouro Social Development Agency, in partnership with Global Peace Foundation Brazil.

 The goal is to provide the  empowerment and strengthening of the individual, both personal and

professional. Therefore, making them aware of their entrepreneurial potential, showing them capable  of achieving the objectives to which they aspire.



Young men and women, from 18 to 30 years old, willing to became entrepreneurs.

A Metodologia


The course is based on the ByNecessity® methodology, which takes the traditional model of a business plan and adapts it to small businesses to be started after eleven steps, reaching 15 hours of training.  The students learn the concepts: networking, the entrepreneur profile, innovation and creativity, strategic business plan, communication and marketing, market and client research, cash flow, payback, profit and working capital, overcoming difficulties and the building of an action plan. 


The didactic material includes a book and cards, which help to picture and organize the opening and maintenance of the business. The classes will be taught by mentors with hundreds of hours of training in the methodology, business owners and trained in the areas of Marketing and Administration. After the course, the new entrepreneur will be coached for 90 days, incubation period, in order to be supported to guarantee the continuity of their business.

More than 30K

people trained

15 countries

more than 1600 cities

More than $52 million

annual accumulated income(estimated)




December 5th to 9th
From 16h to 19h






Your registration will be confirmed by e-mail or Whatsapp.  Please, make sure that you your information is correct when you register.



Contact Besouro Agency on WhatsApp
Any question about the training?  - Check our frequently asked questions
  • What is the day and time class?
    April 12th to 16th, from 2pm to 5pm.
  • I can’t join the live stream class or I want to review it at another time. How do I do it?
    Classes will be available on Youtube Channel until April 23th, 11:59 pm.
  • What is the deadline to complete the classes activities?
    Until April 23th, 11:59 pm.
  • I don't own a business yet. Can I take the course and coaching?
    Yes, You can! After training and coaching, you will have all the essential tools to start and mantain your own business. All business owners or future entrepreneurs will be entitled to 90 days of exclusive coaching.
  • Is the course certified?
    Yes. You will be certicated after the training and 90 days of coaching.
  • How will the coaching work?
    12 contacts will be made during 90 days (once a week) by WhatsApp. The coaching will be individually, helping you to start your business from scratch and leveraging it. The subjects covered will be brought up by the business coaching, according to the challenges that you are facing.
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